Let me introduce myself! 
My name is Dania Rioux and I'm a senior Graphic Designer & Art Director from Montreal. I have been working in design since 2010. My first vocation was Contemporary Dance, which gave me the foundations that inform my work today. I would say I have more than 13 years of visual arts experience with these two backgrounds combined. Both dance and design allow me to work and play with space and contrast, rhythm and moods, consistency and spontaneity. Inspired? I’m always very excited to start a new project. 
I specialize in branding, publication layout and web design. I have worked with a lot of startups and I also like to take on small contracts with agencies for specific projects of smaller scope. If you have any questions about my experience or my work, feel free to go take a look at my Linkedin profile or send me a message in the contact section. I would be pleased to connect with you. And thank you for your interest! 

à bientôt!
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